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Why PM Planning

Town planning permits

PM Planning is in a position to ensure that your planning permit application has the greatest chance of success.

VCAT appeals

Peter Hawkins has experience in over 30 VCAT appeals; ranging from appeals against conditions, refusals and extensions of permit expiry time.

Relief staffing

PM Planning can provide Councils and private industry with planning staff to assist with short to medium term relief staff.

Report writing

We can assist you, whether a responsible authority or a planning permit applicant, in writing an application or drafting a planning report to accompany your application.



Drafting and lodging planning permit applications

Writing reports for applications such as Clause 54/55/56 responses plus full planning reports to accompany planning applications

Managing development projects by drawing together all the required professional services to bring your development to conclusion

Undertaking VCAT appeals on behalf of permit applicants

Assisting those who seek to lodge an objection to a planning permits,

Preparing objectors on how to best present appeals at VCAT

Supporting those who are having difficulty dealing with their local Council

Our successes

With many years of successful planning related experience including VCAT appeals, Peter Hawkins has assisted in planning applications, specialist report writing, mediation and planning enforcement proceedings including directions hearings.


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